Introduction (IC 101.118).

This present study, 'The Sanctuary Message" [IC-101-117]  is almost entirely composed of Spirit of Prophecy quotations, with very little comments or verbal bridgework between topic sections.  this 38 PART STUDY was  gathered from the Spirit of Prophecy with but one objective in mind, that is to disclose what Ellen White had to say on the deeper meaning of the Sanctuary truth as it applies to the lives and experiences of the people of God today.

As you will see after the study gets started, this entire compilation is primarily composed of Spirit of Prophecy quotations, with very little comment. But, in addition, there is also a section near the end with a significant amount of confirmatory statements by other leading Adventist writers over the years on the Sanctuary Message. There is even a boxed section in which we show you exactly where to look in the Spirit of Prophecy Index (so that you can thoroughly study this important topic for yourself.)  Vance Ferrell


1 - When sin stops

2 - This Message goes back to the beginnings of our Movement and is the reason for our Movement  

3 - Choose the high path 

4 - Importance of the Sanctuary Message

5 - Earlier forshadowings  

6 - The appearance of the Heavenly Sanctuary.

7 - It is in heaven that Christ completes the Atonement.

8 - The transferal of sin   

9 - The Sanctuary is because of sin

10 - The purpose of the Third Angel's Message

11 - The beginning of the Third Angel's Message.

12 - October 22, 1844: Jesus enters the Second Apartment.

13 - Receiving the benefits  

14 - The Midnight Cry experience.

15 - Preparation for the Latter Rain.

16- Preparing for the Judgment 

17 - The blotting out of sins in the Investigative Judgment.

18 - The Close of Probation: Jesus leaves the Heavenly Sanctuary. 

19 - After the Close of Probation it is too late. 

20 - Waiting at the door .

21 - Preparing for the Crisis and the Harvest.

22 - Principles to keep in mind as we prepare for the Judgment.

23 - The Intercession of Christ.

24 - Following our Forerunner in.

25 - Entering by faith into the Most Holy Place.

26 - In the finale of the Judgment.

27 - What rises as incense?

28 - Keeping the eye fixed on Jesus.

29 - The Marriage  

30 - Preparing our hearts for the Holy Spirit

31 - The 1888 Message and the Sanctuary.

32 - The Investigative Judgment

33 - The Record Books  

34 -The Standard of the Judgment 

35 -Obedience by faith

36 - Fulfilling the Everlasting Covenant

37 - The faith of our Forefathers.

38 - For further study. 



There is much material in the Spirit of Prophecy dealing with the Sanctuary service. And this is understandable since the Sanctuary Message constitutes the center of our faith. There are frequent references to this topic all through these inspired writings.

As you continue your personal studies you will undoubtedly come across more. And to help you we have prepared the following topical listing as a study aid. How thankful we can be for our historic Sanctuary Message! Don't let anyone tell you it is error or Brinsmead heresy" or some other such thing. READ the Sanctuary Message in the Spirit of Prophecy for yourself, know that message, and then share it with others.