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Favorite Links:

Great-Controversy Multilingual site: Download Great Controversy in many languages.


Bible-Ten Commandments Multilingual site: Dedicated to the 10 Commandments; download them in many languages.


Camino al Ceilo: Our Spanish website.


Pathlights: Contains:

          Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia

          Natural Remedies Encyclopedia

          Youth's Bible Course

          Dangers of Abortion


Bible Sabbath:  Abundant facts and history about the True Bible Sabbath.


Evolution Facts: An outstanding website packed with facts and evidence of Creation: You'll love this one!


World in crisis: Many of the best Harvestime Books in Free PDF EBooks. 


Ellen-White-Defend: Full of historic information and answers to various questions. This site is also a good introduction to the life and work of Ellen White.

My Bible School -- Basic Bible Course Learn what the Bible really says! 

These Sites are Exciting Books to Read Online: